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About Angie

God-ordained and reality-proven, Dr. Angela Chung-Kirby is a professional lemonade maker. 


Making Lemonade4Him is geared toward anyone who has experienced the disappointment of interrupted dreams. Overcoming the lemons of life -those things meant to destroy you- is possible.  You can be resilient, courageous, and hopeful in every circumstance. When life is hard, don't let it harden you. 

Dr. Chung-Kirby's passionate love for life, people, and Jesus is her secret ingredient. When life turns sour, she has trained herself and others to be better, not bitter.


Her infectious laugh, courageous attitude, and understanding how to live based on of Scripture will strengthen your faith and inspire you to live life at The Lemonade Stand, Making Lemonade4Him.

Angie received her Doctorate of Education from Liberty University and currently serves as the Director of Special Education in Auglaize County. She is a bi-vocational ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, serving on the Northwest Regional Cabinet of the Ohio Ministry Network and attends D1 church in Delphos, Ohio.


Angie is the mother of three children, Cooper, Alexa, and Elizabeth who are all writing God-centered lemonade stories of their own. 

Angie and her husband, Dan, are both involved in education, ministry to students, the Cincinnati Bengals, and love to travel. Angie and Dan have both navigated brokenness in life and are proof that God can, and will, redeem every painful moment of life's lemons.

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Cooper, Alexa, and Elizabeth

Children who are resilient lovers of life, people, and Jesus is proof of the generational blessing God promises in Scripture.  The importance of living in private what we profess in public is the most foundational way that we can ensure our kids have a fighting chance to win when life hurls lemons.

Cooper currently is involved in student ministry at D1.  He volunteers his time to serve as a camp counselor, missions trip participant, and coach for both junior high football and wrestling in St. Marys, Ohio.  Cooper is currently training for an upcoming Savage Race, where he will fight the elements and use grit to go the distance.  When things are not easy, he works harder than anyone I know to meet the demands of life.  If you would ask him why, he'd tell you, "I'm just like my late Dad. Giving up isn't my style."


Alexa is soon-to-be a middle childhood math teacher.  You will find her volunteering on her college campus in a variety of ways. If there is something that needs done, she is always the first to offer her help.   She also teaches children's church and finds time to serve as a campus minister.  When people are lonely or sad, Alexa is always the first to offer friendship and a smile.  She reliably chooses people over herself in big and small ways. Alexa's tender heart and easygoing kindness exude approachability. She will remind you life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. 

Elizabeth graduated from the Ohio State University at the age of 18 with a B.S. in Chemistry.  For the past two years, she has been able to extend her research-oriented mind at Harvard University.  As she continues toward her dreams of curing Multiple Sclerosis and serving others as a neurosurgeon at Yale University, she seeks to honor God with her existence.  Although she was not able to find a cure before her late Dad passed away, Lizzie will tell you that "time really does have a way of making everything okay."  Pain can be deep and yet, God really will bring healing if we keep our focus in the right direction.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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