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Forever His

Welcome my daughter, Alexa Christine, to the Lemonade Stand this week. She has written a short reflection on the past 18 years of her life and explains why she is "forever His." Using her own words, Alexa's heart of purity and kindness glows from the page. Her beauty truly resonates from the inside out. Alexa will be a senior this year and is planning to pursue a career as a nurse after high school. Her love for Texas may lead her to college in this beautiful southern state! Alexa leads by word and example on the soccer field, student council, yearbook and church youth group. Emulating her late father and honoring his memory causes her to continue to seek her Heavenly Father everyday. Alexa doesn't love achievement, but she does love people. She has a reputation for kindness that precedes her everywhere she goes. Alexa loves photography, Sara Sweet's cupcakes and her lively shih-poo, Alex.


Jesus Christ is a very important person in my life. My parents raised me in church, so I have grown up knowing about Jesus. I watch how other people live, and my desire is to show them the light of Jesus through my own life.

My faith has progressed so much since I was a child. I went from being born into faith to owning my faith. I strive to live for Jesus everyday and represent the light of Jesus through my joy.

So, here is a snapshot of my story... My parents graduated from North Central University where they had studied to become ministers with the Assemblies of God. They were serving as youth pastors when I was born, so you could say that my experience with the Christian faith began when I was a baby. I was always surrounded by many followers of Christ, and I made the decision at a very young age to follow Christ, too.

Accepting Jesus as my Savior was an easy decision for me. My parents taught me about him, but more importantly, they showed me how to follow him. I also knew that I had to do my part to know Jesus, so I studied the Bible. I stayed committed to Jesus in my childhood and was involved in my church’s kids ministry program with programs like Junior Bible Quiz. We continued to have family Bible studies at home, as well.

My middle school years were hard years for my faith. I struggled with my dad having Multiple Sclerosis. I did not understand why God did not answer my prayers to heal him and I felt confused a lot. I went to youth and I stayed faithful to Christ even though it was hard. My parents set a Godly example for my siblings and I to follow through the good and the bad.

When my freshman year started, I was excited to finally be in high school! I had a starting position in soccer, did well in my classes, made new friends, had a good track year, and I was selected to serve on student council. I was also involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Teens for Christ. I continued choosing to live close to Jesus by studying his Word.

Summer 2018 began, and it was going well! I celebrated my sixteenth birthday in July and was excited to get my drivers license. Later in the month, we celebrated my mom’s and dad’s birthdays. I could tell you so many great memories.

July 30 was the day after my dad's 51st birthday. It started out like a normal day, but it did not turn out to be normal. My dad died shortly after lunch. His fight with MS ended suddenly and none of us were prepared for his unexpected death. I experienced so many emotions. I was so hurt and confused, so sad, but also celebrated that my family had won! We had taken care of my dad in our home and followed Jesus through everything.

My dad was with Jesus and now, I had to decide what I was going to do. My mom and my siblings decided to keep living and never lost faith. There is so much more I could say about our journey... I continued to stay involved in FCA, TFC, youth group, student council and began to work with the wrestling team as a photographer and stat girl.

It was hard to move forward, but with God’s help I and my family are making it through the rough patches of life. In the past two years it has been hard personally to find a new normal. I miss my Dad and the normal of him being with us, even with all of the extra stuff required to take care of him. With God’s grace, I am stronger everyday.

In 2019, I went to church camp, and had a very divine experience with Jesus. It was a very private healing moment, and with Jesus I continue to heal. I am absolutely confident that God does not allow you to face a battle and then leave you alone in the war.

I am committed to live for him alone. I have been through a lot in the past years, especially with the loss of my father, but Jesus has never left me without strength. He has always helped me to handle things. The counsel of the Holy Spirit has led me no matter what I have faced. My faith is the foundation of my life, and I will forever trust in the Lord.


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