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When dreamers dream...

If we have stopped dreaming, a part of who we were created to be has ceased to function. We must recognize and overcome hope deferred. Fight for the dream!

Lizzie's dream started in kindergarten.

5 year old Lizzie's physician signature

Lizzie's First Hospital Blueprint







Rewarded in








Making History


"Dream" by Dutch Sheets intrigued my interest. The byline "Discovering God's Purpose For Your Life" appealed to the wilderness of opportunities bouncing around within my head. Deciding that if God can speak by way of a donkey to direct a man's step (Numbers 22:21-39) or use an unconsumed burning bush to provide guidance (Exodus 3:10-7), then by all means, a dream can be had, judged to align with His Word and then, give counsel to those who are willing to listen!

The bigger question is what is the personal responsibility we have with a God-gifted dream?

My 5-year old dreamer, Elizabeth Noelle!

Does God really have an expectation for obedience when we are working out a faithful calling upon our life? Is there ever a moment when that dream isn't the voice of God but pizza (or short ribs) from the night before? How can we discern if our dreams match the heart of God? Does a dream turned disappointment or disaster an indication that we missed the mark?

It was just a few weeks ago, April 14, 2020, to be exact that I wrote this in my journal of letters to God. "The future is making my stomach hurt--literally! My belly feels all tight and it's impacting me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My weakness has led to errors in judgment and I feel absolutely powerless. My brain feels like a massive web of confusion. I am off the track that I had laid out and I'm not sure what to do about it."

Holy Spirit helped me to lay out some guidelines to protect my sanity and keep my heart available to Father God.

1. Stop watching other people.

2. Stop delaying personal obedience.

3. Pray for what you want faithfully in mind, body and action. Be specific. Be strategic. Be intentional.

4. Focus on the Dream Giver, not the dream.

5. Take care of yourself. Of what part of your life can you let go because it doesn't match the dream? Don't let the uncertainty of present circumstances determine the fulfillment of your future.

6. Do what you know to do whether you feel like doing it or not.

Just like emotions are not truth's vocal twin. Neither are feelings the litmus test for reality. Feelings are reactions, derived from our human nature. The truth of God's Word clears the fog in our minds and provides much-needed boundaries for our emotions and empowers our wills to choose well!

"Since the day I was born, I've been placed in your custody. You've cradled me throughout my days. I've trusted in you and you've always been my God." Psalm 22:10 The Passion Translation

When dreamers dream and acquiesce that custody of the dreamer and the dream are both cradled within the hands of God by symbolically throwing their trust toward security in God, instead of placing security in the dream, then AND ONLY THEN is the heart of the dreamer protected!

God, I'm seeking your direction. Here I am again, fighting for myself. I'm fighting for my dream. I'm quiet. I'm empty. I'm confused. I'm disoriented, but I AM HERE. My ears feel a little dull, but God, I KNOW that I KNOW your voice....speak to me in whatever way I can hear you--Your Word, thoughts, a person--just give me confidence in my discernment. Give me the courage to be a dream fighter.


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